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Integrity Insurance Solutions, we are a team of experienced personal and business insurance brokers in Brisbane serving clients with their personalized insurance plans that will not let you down when you ask for a claim. We have a team of expert insurance brokers for your personal and business requirements. Our team has 30 years of experience we are offering the client's insurance coverage for their requirements and also covers every need and requirement of the business only. After evaluating your budget and requirements, we make sure you have a qualified insurance plan because having a little lesser or more will never prove beneficial for you. Our team knows the market and with this, they can create a plan that gives you financial support when required. Our Services Include: 1. Property Insurance

2. Business Insurance

3. Liability Insurance

4. Professional Insurance

5. Digital Insurance

6. Income Protection Insurance

7. Vehicle Insurance

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Integrity Insurance Solutions Level 1/67 Springwood Rd, Springwood QLD 4127 Mobile: 0476 011 111 Email:


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